Experience at The Skin Therapist

So, you booked your first appointment with our team? YAY, you’re one step closer to the skin of your dreams! Here's what you can expect...

So, you booked your first appointment with our team? YAY, you’re one step closer to the skin of your dreams! One of the most common questions we hear at The Skin Therapist is “what should I expect with my appointment?” While each of our services differ, we’ve put together a general first-time experience so you can take on your appointment with the confidence of a seasoned skincare professional.

- Booking your service: We offer the ease and convenience of booking online or by calling the spa to ensure you secure the service most catered to your needs.

- Before you arrive: Let’s cover all the bases. Make a list of your daily skincare products so we have a full scope of your current regimen.

- Meet your skin therapist: Our team utilizes this first meeting to assess your skin and put together a plan for treatment. We’ll get an up-close look at your concerns and create a plan tailored to your needs. Depending on your skin, you might receive services at your first visit.

- Treatment plan: Your consultant will put together an at-home regimen for AM and PM skincare. A common misconception is that the “big” work is done at your visits. You’ll actually see the best results when you fully focus on your at-home routine!

- Progress photos: Our staff gets up close and personal on day one with first visit photos and continues documenting the journey through all of your visits. We love tracking your progress and celebrating your skin wins.

- Follow up treatments: This can vary based on the determined treatment plan, but we typically like to see clients back in the spa 4-6 weeks after beginning their treatments.

Q: “Should I bring anything with me to my visit?”

A: You’re welcome to bring specific products you’ve been using, but making a list of these products is fine as well! Your consultant will let you know if there’s anything specific needed prior to your visit.

Q: “How do I know which service I need to book?”

A: If it’s your first visit, we highly recommend starting with a skin consult! Allowing our team to assess your skin, put together a routine and see how you respond to the products really sets us up for success.

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